//Making the World:
Pictures and Science in Modern China

So many people helped to bring this exhibition into being. The Spectrum editorial board offered critique and encouragement. Among my colleagues at the University of Alberta, I would like to thank Crystal Snyder, Director of the Undergraduate Research Institute, who kept the project on point; Steve Patten, Associate Dean of Research, for his enthusiastic support throughout; Kamal Ranasheera and Mark McKellar, for their thoughtful work on website development; Anna Chakravorty, graduate student in Visual Communications Design, for her wicked website design skills.

Museums and academic institutions that have contributed pictures to our curatorial project include the Smithsonian Institution, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tianjin Museum, Dongguan Museum, Xu Beihong Museum, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, National Palace Museum of Taiwan, the University of Cambridge, and Heidelburg University. I would especially like to thank Janine Andrews and Frannie Blondheim at our own University of Alberta Museums and Collections for their commitment to the intellectual endeavours of the undergraduate researcher and art historian at the University of Alberta.

Finally, it remains to thank my co-curators, the students in a seminar I taught in the 2017 fall term: Banafsheh Mohammadi, Anran Tu, Daniel Walker, Yue Wang, Akosua Adasi, Julie Dranitsaris, Liuba González de Armas, Christina Kim, Jungeun Koo, Connor MacDonald, Justine Pelletier, and Shirly Huilian Zhang.

This project would not have been possible without the continuing and generous support of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

Lisa Claypool